Of Mice and Sandmen

Remember how on Friday I mentioned how there had been a change in the plans and Heather was able to meet for a bonus day before she went to London? Well I planned to go just after lunchtime and spend a few hours with her, but just as I was about to set off she told me there was a change of plan as she was taking the dogs to the Vet and wanted to plough ahead with packing, mistakenly believing that her message about her having no teas bags had meant I had made other plans. So we didn’t get to see one another before she went, she did however tell me on Sunday she has 2 for 1 tickets for Thorpe Park or Alton Towers, so we certainly have a plan for once she’s recovered. In the meantime I will be getting her a Build a Bear to present to her once she is in the mood for receiving visitors post surgery.
Her surgery was yesterday and her Mother informed me this morning that her surgery went well, which is good.

Yesterday it was my car’s annual service and that went without a hitch, it was booked in later then I usually like but nevermind, I had a gut instinct that if I went to see a film the car would be finished earlier then expected and I’d get a phone call in the middle of the screening, so I did a bit of a mooch around Telford Town Centre and went for lunch at the Wrekin Giant, which since my last visit has had a new menu, it isn’t hugely different but there are some new burgers and I went for the Route 66 burger which consisted of a beef patty, pulled pork in a Jack Daniels sauce and two hash browns. It was nice and filling, I substituted the fries for sweet potato fries but I will admit I thought the sauce needed to have a bit more of a kick. My gut feeling about the car proved to be sort of correct as just after I had finished my lunch I got a phone call from the garage, it wasn’t about being done earlier just a few things which needed to be authorised. I decided to stick around town for a bit and read a good chunk of From Russia, taking in chapters 4 through 11, however sitting out in the March wind may have helped add a feeling of Russian ambiance I don’t think it did anything to aid me personally as I have the sniffles today.

Once the car was done I walked Ben and Missy and the went to the Cinema to see Green Book, the film which beat Spike Lee’s BlackKlansmen in the Oscars. Now was Spike Lee’s movie robbed? Well I won’t be able to say until I see it, but Green Book was okay- but it seem to have an air of “The Noddy Book of the American Deep South in the 1960s” and I felt a lot of the dialogue didn’t quite ring true, no doubt it was deliberately low key to keep a 12 certificate. It was entertaining enough though but it had too much of “it’ll all turns out nice at the end” bittersweet feeling for the two main protagonists.

I’m off Friday so I will probably make another trip to the Cinema, I guess I am a little curious to see how Tim Burton takes on Dumbo and the horror movie Us looks a bit intriguing as well.

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