3TC: Speech


The ballroom was full of the guests who were now beginning to tire of the speeches and Lady Midnight could see the murmurs of restlessness sweeping through. People were anxious to return to their conversations and for the entertainment to begin, after all this was supposed to be a party. From the corner of her eye she saw the girl dressed as Red Riding Hood slip emerge from the side of the crowd. She wondered where she had been… That man, Thomas, was dressed as Edgar Allen Poe had left an uneasy feeling when he emerged from the private quarters with Krissy. She’d been adamant he’d got lost looking for her to tell her she was needed for a speech and she had found he wandering the halls and seemingly have a conversation with the cactus by the bathroom.

“Honoured guests, I see you are eager to commence the celebrations,” she began. “So as the Hostess of the party, I declare that you eat, drink and enjoy yourselves, but don’t forget why we are here. Please donate any loose change into the wishing well in the main hall.” The crowd applauded and slowly began to disperse. Lady Midnight made her way down from the podium and approached Thomas who was clearly making his way towards the bar.


“-Just call me Thomas,” he replied cheerfully.

“..Thomas,” she began, “My ward Krissy is a very bright and bubbly young lady. She is also how shall we put-”

“Promiscuous?” He queried with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. “In my past experience young girls of her personality usually are very good at playing that card. It was what gives that an edge in salesmanship.”

Lady Midnight looked at him bemused, “your experience?”

“I’m a middle aged man with a good income, some property, a senior position… and I am also a bachelor with a very small amount of living family all of whom are older than me. So I have no legitimate heir to my money. I think you can solve the equation…”

Lady Midnight smiled, “I see we are on the same page. I too, have had similar approaches in a way. My taking of a ward seems to send out a particular message about my estate.”

Thomas turned to look at Lady Midnight full on and rested a hand on shoulder, “I assure you ma’am should a thought never crossed mine.”

Lady Midnight smiled, “I wonder if you’d like to join some of my more… intimate… friends on the terrace.”

Light Motifs Three Things Challenge: well, ballroom, cactus

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