YDWP: Streaming

“What made you change your mind about doing it full time?” asked Tally lying back on the bed.

“Simple, I figured it would stop being fun,” John answered as he undressed. “Plus it helps that I have a steady income coming in.”

He joined Tally on the bed, “so you want your hobby to remain fun.”

“Yes, but if I can earn a bit of extra with it I may as well,” he answered. “I’ll probably spend most of the morning doing some scales and rhythm exercises.” He checked the time, “hold on I better reset the boiler.” John left the room.

Tally lay on the bed…”if I can earn a little extra money..” she mused. She checked her phone and messaged someone, a moment later she smiled cheekily at the reply. She crossed over to the corner and place her phone on the top of the wardrobe over looking the phone and returned to the bed. John returned a moment later and she put her arms around him and kissed him… “I might as well earn something from my leisure time,” she thought to herself.




Your Daily Word Prompt: Leisure


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