3TC: The Hair Salon Mystery

Arthur poured himself another cup of tea and checked his watch, how much longer was Liz going to be? Dr Webster was finishing off a bit of paper and seemed oblivious to her prolonged absence.

“Where did you say this salon of Liz’s is?” asked Arthur impatiently.

“Other side of Town, it is one of those new Boutiques on… Thorson Avenue I think,” answered Dr Webster. “Takes about 2 hours.”

“Well if she just settled for a Short Back and Sides…”

“I think you have missed your true calling Arthur,” smiled Dr Webster, “you should have become a personal stylist.”

Arthur rolled his eyes, “I heed your point but it has been well over three hours now.”

“Really!?!” Dr Webster checked his watch, “good grief. Perhaps she thought the twins needed a feed and made a stop off at that Delicatessen.”

“Twins?” asked Arthur puzzled. “She doesn’t have children.. Is she expecting?”

“That’s not what I meant,”


“No I meant… Nevermind.”

Arthur just shook his head and returned to his knitting, the silence was interrupted by the telephone ringing. Arthur answered it. “Fransure resisdence-” he was interrupted. “Liz where the hell have you… … … Ok we’re on our way.” He hung up and put on his coat, he gestured Dr Webster to rise.

“Where are we going?” he queried.

“The Elephant and Castle Boutique, there’s been an accident of some kind. One of the patrons has been injured.”

The duo arrived at the Boutique in just under twenty minutes, the shop was surrounded by a small crowd of on-lookers and several boys in Blue. Arthur made his way through the crowd and cleared his and Dr Webster’s entrance. Liz greeted them warmly, “I’m glad you are here.” She gestured to the Paramedics, “the tall chap’s a doctor.” Dr Webster joined the paramedics at the scene of incident.

“What happened?” asked Arthur, her phone call had been rather garbled.

“Well I had just had my highlights finished and one of the hairdryers in the private stalls exploded while in use.”

“That’s not really our field Liz,” saud Arthur.

“It may be, the girl in question is Bethany Mortimer.”

“The actress?”

“The same.”

Dr. Webster stood up shaking his head, “I’m calling it.” He declared the time of death and covered the body.

“The question we need to ask now, was this an accident or not?” said Arthur.

Light Motfits Three Thing Challenge: Mystery, Salon, Elephant


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