Prompt Me Do: The Golden Moon

Prompt from a Guy called Bloke

She waited by the lake for her, they always met just before sundown her by the lake. The purple dust of nightfall was beginning to fall and she was worried her friend would be late, she looked around nervously and saw her friend making her way through the trees basqued in the glow of the golden moon.

“You are late,” she said and embraced her friend.

“I couldn’t get away earlier,” she apologised.

“We don’t have long, shall we take a dip?” She gestured the water.

They swam naked together for half an until it was too cold. As they emerged they embraced again. The girl hurriedly picked up her clothes… “I have to go, I’m sorry.”

She run into the woods staying hidden in the trees, the moon was full and some it would be dark. She could already feel her bones begining to move and change.


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