It was a great bank holiday so far, the children were out around the funfair and no doubt stuffing their faces with Candyfloss, Cream Soda and Chocolate, and she had discovered that the fair had a mini-spa for the weary adults. She lowered herself into the hot tub and looked around, there were very few … Continue reading 3TC:

Jazz Appreciation Month: Ronnie Scott

https://youtu.be/PrG4LfQBr28 Ronnie Scott OBE (born Ronald Schatt, 28 January 1927 – 23 December 1996) was an English jazz tenor saxophonist and jazz club owner. Ronnie was born in Aldgate, East London, into a Jewish family. His father, Joseph Schatt, was of Russian ancestry, and his mother Sylvia's family attended the Portuguese synagogue in Alie Street. … Continue reading Jazz Appreciation Month: Ronnie Scott

It's been a while since I did a proper post here. First up, I am beginning to suspect that my skin is allergic to new shoes. I base this on 10 days of new shoes and my feet are doing a good impression of the Singing Detective: It occurs to me that this last two … Continue reading

Jazz Appreciation Month: Lester Young

Lester Willis Young (August 27, 1909 – March 15, 1959), nicknamed "Pres" or "Prez", was a tenor saxophonist and occasional clarinetist. https://youtu.be/x_c4QeAJduI Coming to prominence while a member of Count Basie's orchestra, Young was one of the most influential players on his instrument. In contrast to many of his hard-driving peers, Young played with a … Continue reading Jazz Appreciation Month: Lester Young