Elemental Challenge 1: Air

Flower Power Cut

By SandmanJazz, from a story by Micheal Storm and Sian Dilloway


It was the biggest event in Shrewsbury’s calender: the Annual Flower show. The it was soon to be the grand opening and already the crowds were growing, the consession stands were raking it in. This year was a bit different, a new PR company had taken over and a few new changes had been implemented. The most obvious one being the Flower Girls, a troupe of girls in skimpy flower themed outfits no doubt intended to draw in a younger male audience. Another implementation was all the consession stand staff, volunteers and workers would have to sport a flower on their clothing. The sweet smell of the flower of the show filled the air and it’s aroma presented an aura of peace and calm, even the more aggrieved part which is present in any crowd seemed relaxed.The flower girls were handing out samples of the flowers to the people in the queue. Finally it was opening time and the masses were entered into the main showroom and the town mayor was the guest of honour.At 00:30 the mayor’s wife logged a 999 call. He had failed to return to the council office and failed to return home.10:30am the council offices were open and the mayor strolled merrily into the office, a faint whiff of the flower scent lingering on his clothes. He was puzzled, why were the police over the place. He approached his valet, “Hanby, what’s with the police?”Hanby was struck dumbfounded, “Where have you been?””I was opening the flower show, did you not read my itinerary?””Sir that was yesterday, you didn’t show up to any of your other engagements, or return home… Sir, you have been missing for 24 hours.”Today’s Elemental Word: Sweet

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