Friday I went to the Cinema, unusually I went to the Shrewsbury Cineworld as opposed to Telford, and I saw the new Dumbo movie which is by Tim Burton. It is ok, a bit Tim Burton-lite with many of his usual themes present but don’t really dwelt up. I can’t really compare it with the original version because… I have never actually seen it. Perhaps the odd snippet here and there, but all the way through, nopes. Despite this there are two obvious revisions: the dodgy stereotype Crows are absent and so is the song “When I See An Elephant Fly”, though there is a verbal reference to the title later in the film when Dumbo is introduced as a circus act. The focus of the story does rest more on the people of the circus and their struggles to keep going and I can’t help but wonder if Tim Burton was having a sneer at Disney buying up the rights to all sorts of things and watering them down. Ultimately it is a pleasnt way to spend 100 minutes but lacks any real lasting impression or memorable imagery and is as such a rare misstep from Tim Burton.

After the film I popped into the Beaten Track and was surprised to see my former gaffer, Daron running the shop. We had a good catch up and debated the ongoing mystery of the Horseshoes new owners. I found out earlier today who it is and it is yet another holding company, the same one who have the Lamb at Edgmond and previously operated the Red House towards Newport. This dies not bode well…

Heather is recovering as well as can be expected considering the nature of her surgery and is messaging a little bit.

Not sure what I am doing the rest of the week, apart from work of course. I might go and see Fisherman’s Friends or Us at the cinema, I haven’t decided yet.

Over the weekend I watched an old Hammer film called Four Sided Triangle which is directed by Terrance Fisher and stars a pre-Navy Lark Stephen Murray. It is a bit of an odd film and has a hint of foreshadowing of what was to come from Hammer Studios, it is about two scientist, who were friends since childhood, falling for the same girl and when she marries one, the other makes a clone of her for himself. I am not sure if that makes him creepy or tragic to be honest, but there is surprisingly a bit about the ethics of undertaking such a proceeding. Naturally, the plan does not go according to plan and the clone knows she’s a copy and attempts to kill herself because of it. It is well directed and performed but the unnecessary addition of a character acting as host/narrator to scene set ruins the film a bit and I think talks down to the audience. Why it was decided to tell most of the film in flashback I don’t know as it does lessen the dramatic impact of the film.


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