3TC: Property of a Lady


The portrait hung as the centre piece to the room, it was in-cased in a large ornate frame and had several lights pointing towards it to emphasize it’s presence. The portrait was of a barrel chested pirate sporting the cliché of a beard, tri-cornered hat and eye-patch, standing on top of trove of precious items. Legend had it that the painting was cured and that if it should ever leave the house, a great calamity would fall upon the household and to whomever received the portrait.

It was one of the open days that the painting caught the eye of one of the visitors, an almond eyed lady with auburn hair. She inquired to the tour guide if she could make contact with the house’s representative in regards to purchase the painting and was politely told that the painting was not for sale.


Three  weeks later after much negotiation, the portrait was sold. The new owner was pleased and eagerly awaited it’s delivery, but was dismissed to discover that she was greeted by a policeman. He explained that the painting had been taken in by forensics for examination as the transporting vehicle had been involved in a serious collision en route.

Down at the police station, Police Constable Teel was enjoying a five minute break when he was approached by another officer, “Tell come quick, Johnsons fallen over and broken his leg.” Being the main first aid officer Teel made his way to the scene of the injury; Johnson was massaging his injured leg which was swelling dramatically. “My god,” exclaimed Teel. “Where’s the painting?”

They all turned, where the painting had been rested there was a empty space.

Light Motifs Three Things Challenge: pirate, almonds, frame


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