STK: The Holiday Maker and the Sea

“I Caught a Fish.. it was this big!”In 2011 was holiday in Cuba for the second time and I had foolishly put all my excursions into the first few days of the holiday and by the end of it I was getting a little bored. One nigh I was drinking with a few guys and girls I’d recently met in the bar and one of them, I think his name was Steven invited me to join him on a days fishing out at sea. Now, fishing is a sport I am quite familiar with as my dad used to take me fishing with him as a child, but I hadn’t fished for 20 years and I had never done sea fishing on the shore let alone on a boat. But I figured it would be a worthy way of spending a day so I accepted his offer.The weather for the day wasn’t great, it was overcast and was spotting with rain but as we started out the sea was relatively calm and the wind was minimal. We sailed out for about 45 minutes before we dropped anchor and it was a good hour or so before we started getting any bites. The more experienced anglers caught a few fish right away, not anything dramatic but certainly big enough to cook. It was about an hour later that my line caught on something, I started to reel it in and found it was struggling away so I called Steve over for assistance and it soon became apparent we had something big on the end of the line. Had I become Hemingway? We soon had our answer, with assistance from a few others, we got the fish out of water: it was a bloody barracuda about the length of my leg.Out of Ten, how believable do you think my story isThis was part of a Guy Called Bloke’s Spin the Keyboard series


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