YDWP: Aghast

The last time I think I was truly aghast is long ago and buried in my memory I don’t think it is worth digging up.

But the last someone was truly aghast with me was a few Christmases ago, when a former work colleague kept nagging at me to keep tabs on her boyfriend. First of all I thought nothing if it, the kitchen had finished very late and as such he hadn’t finished until much later then usual. But it rapidly became every shift we were on together and she’d get aggressive if I didn’t reply immediately… Because you know, doing my job is less important then answering her messages.

Then one day I had had enough, I had finished and was in my local for an end of the week pint or two when she messaged me asking where he was, and I said “I don’t know, I am not at work anymore. Last I saw was he and ‘Fred’ had go in a taxi, assumingly as your place is on Fred’s route home.” To which she replied “why didn’t you ask where he was going?”

The conversation then went down the lines of how dare I spend my free time doing what I like when I should be chasing after someone I hardly know. So I then said “£80 a day, plus expenses.”


“Well since I don’t have a private investigator license the fee is higher if I need to have someone pay bail.”

She went livid saying I am only asking as a favour from a friend.

Later I learnt she then kept phoning my boss you threatened to call the police if she didn’t stop harassing him.

Your Daily Word Prompt: Aghast

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