Spin the Yarn: You expect me to believe it? Prove it

At the core of the game it is basically a fiction based writing prompt with a twist. The twist is really the ‘naughty side’. Everyone thinks naughty to mean ‘ooh la la’ and it’s not always that – but that is NOTsaying that there are NOT elements of that present in future games, as there will be. There will be naughty, risky or risqué if you prefer, downright odd and strange, unusual and weird and oft inappropriate questions posed. Naughty in the majority of our game means to bluff, to fib and to fabricate the truth as you, the writer, readers and challengers believe that to be.

Your role is to make your stories both incredible and credible, plausible and implausible flights of fancy – the most creative and imaginative inventiveness adventures you can muster up!

From a Guy called Bloke

Too old to do that?! Let me tell you something about being old …

At the end of the Christmas term lessons at school slow down and it is not unusual classes to resort to showing a film or other non-curricular activities to fill in the time while the teacher gets on with end of term paper work.

For her A level drama class Mrs A decided to show her class a film with a former charge in it, ie me. She had actually been part of the reason I got cast in the first place so it seemed appropriate to her. I hazard to guess that she forgot that during the course of the film I bared all to camera and at one moment was seen fully nude with an erection. On completing the film the students argued that nudity was a young person’s game and that she was too old to do a part like that.

Her reply, was that despite being older that age prompted you to take a few more risks and for the next class produced a video tape of the stage production of the Big Sleep, in which not only did she star, but also distobed to her panties on two occasions, though she made a special edit to remove her bare breasts from the frame.

“How Credible or Creative do you find my tale – please score me out of 10

30 thoughts on “Spin the Yarn: You expect me to believe it? Prove it

  1. Well, well, well – Sandman, l do hope you get high scores for this, sadly l cannot score you for these two tales so far as l am host but which l have found very entertaining and l do mean that 🙂

    Buuuuuuuuuuuut if l was to score you, l think l might lean more to the credibility side of things here 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d give it a “9” as well. I’ve SEEN that film frame and no boner was seen (that I could tell anyway). Maybe I’m getting too old to notice such things. I was impressed overall though. 😉


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