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Vicky had bought Jimmy to the assembly hall and he was setting up the projector. She watched him as he worked, he kept looking at her every now and then and blushing occasionally. She laughed, a good humoured laugh she hadn’t been able to produce for the last week or so. The lad was probably trying his best not to picture her without her clothes on. He pressed play on the projector and the home screen declaring NO INPUT materialised on the overhead projector screen.

“All you need now is to press play on the player,” he said sheepishly. He bit his lip and looked away from her. She nodded and he pressed the play button. The image of Vicky, fully clothed, at the beginning of the tape filled the screen shortly followed by Andy joining her in front of the camera. Jimmy pressed stop and bit his lip again.

“You clearly want to ask something,” Vicky said sweetly. “Ask away.”

Jimmy went red in the face. “Is that really you on there?”

Vicky raised an eyebrow, “no it’s my identical twin sister.” She answered sarcastically. The student cowered a little, she smiled and softened her tone. “Yes it really is me. Before you ask further .. Yes my boobs are really that big and yes, we are really having sex.” She’d only shown him a small extract from the video just to illustrate a point, even in these desperate times she doubted that showing full details would be agoid move.

Jimmy went bright red and stammered, looking down at the floor. He mumbled something.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear that.” she said with a smile.

Jimmy looked up, trying not to make eye contact. It must have been something rude Vicky decided. She gestured him to continue. He spoke barely audible, “can I see them?”

Vicky looked at him incredulously, “see them?” She asked, not sure if he meant what she thought he meant. “See what?”

Jimmy blushed and started acting agitated, “your boobs. For real, ” he finally spat out.

Arthur parked outside the school, One-Ten had sent intel about Coxhill to him. The general summary was there didn’t appear to be anything which screamed fundamentalism about him, but Arthur knew that religion was a difficult subject to assess per person, some people were just more Puritanical than others. He strolled to office and after a bit of haggling with the receptionist had located Vicky’s whereabouts. He strolled to the assembly room and dramatically pushed the double doors open, Vicky was in the corner of the room straightening her blazer and dusting it down. There was a student, sixth former probably- judging by the dressed down uniform, attending to some equipment.

“Can I help you sir?” said Vicky, “if you are looking for your son or daughter, the students are-”

“Actually miss,” announced Arthur, “it is you I want to talk to. In private…”

Vicky gestured for the student to go. Upon his departure, the formality dropped from her stance.

“John Coxhill,” stated Arthur. “I believe it is he who is behind the blackmail, at least this end.”

“John,” she said quietly. Her demeanour was shooked. “I- How could.. The little rat bastard. I didn’t think he was still bearing a grudge.”

Arthur raised an eyebrow, “I think you better explain.”

Vicky took a seat and sighed, “Coxhill was in the running to be the Head master and during the interviews I persuaded him to drop out.”

Arthur stroked his chin, “how exactly?”

“I, erm used some charm.” Vicky said.

“Vicky don’t beat about the bush..” stated Arthur.

Vicky took a deep breath, “during the build up. I invited him to mine and we talked about the running. I persuaded him to think about dropping out. Part of the deal would be I would tie the school tighter to the church.”

“…and the board of governors stepped in preventing you making good on your deal and he took it as a massive ‘screw you’.”

“Pretty much.”

“So when he came across the video of you and Andy having sex, he took the opportunity.”

“Seems to wrap it up,” said Vicky.

Arthur scratched his chin. “Except that it doesn’t.”

“What do mean?”

“He has motive to blackmail you,” explained Arthur, “but the rest doesn’t fit. Why the arson attack? Why stalk Andy?”

“Those are very good questions sir,” boomed a voice from behind them. They turned to find Coxhill in the middle of the room. He smiled and licked his lips, “I would love to say it was purely revenge. I don’t blame you for making that video, not just because it played into my hand, but look at you. That’s a body which needs to be seen.”

Vicky grimiced at the comment, “this was a personal tape for mine and Andy’s personal use.”

Coxhill smiled, “that’s as maybe but it’ll be public if you don’t play ball.”

“Just one thing Coxhill,” said Arthur. “She’s got a witness to testify extortion.”

Coxhill grinned, “she’ll still get her name splashed over the papers. Think of the headlines…”

“That might ruin the plan though…” said Arthur. “I don’t think your paymasters will be happy that you sabotaged their plans.”

“Just one thing John,” said Vicky. “You do know that this projector can also record don’t you.”

Coxhill looked up, “you’re lying.”

“Try me,” said Vicky. She produced the remote from her jacket and pressed play. The light struck Coxhill in the eyes and disoriented him briefly. He was then distracted by the all too familiar sounds of Vicky’s on screen antics. The distraction was long enough for Arthur to move across the room and within moments Coxhill was rugby tackled to the floor. “Right, let’s see what we can do here.” He said coldly. Vicky smiled as Arthur pulled Coxhill up and restrained him, she looked at the images on the projector.

“You’re right, it is a body to be seen, ” She quipped.

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