Share Your World 22nd April 2019

Was the last thing you read digital or print?

Digital… Well it was the source post for this…. What? Oh alright, I looked at a piece on the box office takings of Diamonds Are Forever.

Print. The allergen book at work.
Are you more an extrovert or introvert?

A introverted extrovert, if there is such a thing.
How is your life different from what you imagined as a younger person?

How young are we talking here?

In some aspects it is as I imagined. I found an old excercise book with a muse on what I would be like at 35 and it appears that I thought I was going to be a bit like Hancock’s TV and Radio character…. Mind you, I do say “Stone me, what a life.”
Do you think about dying? Does death scare you? Why or why not?

Not my own. I am not scared of dying, why fear the inevitable?

Share Your World

One thought on “Share Your World 22nd April 2019

  1. Thanks Sandman for Sharing Your World! 🙂 I think there are introverted extroverts (the whole energy thing plays in) and extroverted introverts (I’m one of these actually) I don’t mind meeting folks on my terms, I just can’t maintain being around them for long because of the energy thing. Have a great week!

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