Share Your World 29th April 2019

  1. If you could interview anyone from your life living or dead, but not a celebrity, who would it be and why? I have answered this question or variations of countless times. So this occasion I will say drummer Art Blakey, it would be interesting to speak to a man who saw through so many new players and styles in Jazz.
  2. As a child, did you have a nickname? Did you carry that with you throughout life or was it only in childhood that you used it? Neg at school, which was taken from initials. Bird at college onwards.
  3. Give us three words that describe you: Lugubriously Cheerful Cynic
  4. Sneaking into a second movie at the theater (if you go to a movie house)? Is that wrong or just harmless ‘fun’? Well essentially it is stealing if you think about it, just because it isn’t a physical item it doesn’t change the rules. However, if you have a subscription card to the cinema I don’t know as it you pay monthly for as many movies as you want. Still not going through the official channels might mean a paying customer loses the seat they paid for.
  5. If you had a time machine would you go back to the past or forward into the future? Why? I’d go back in time and drop empty cans of Pepsi in various time periods in order to confused the archeologists.

What were you thankful for during April?

Heather’s surgery going well. Seeing my pal after so many years.

Share Your World


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