Out and About

Last week I made two trips to the local Cineworld and saw some very early screenings of films, I do believe that these were the earliest times I have been to. The screening times were 10:40 and 10:30 and considering how much a night owl I am, it is surprising I got up to see them. The films I saw were Hellboy, on my own, and with my mum Pet Semetery… yes you did read that correctly. Hellboy was a bit of a mess, not quite sure if wanted to be a dark horror fantasy or a glib fantasy movie but it had its moments. Pet Semetary was quite good with a strong performance by John Lithgow as Judd, apparently there have been several changes from the novel to the film, some of which does make sense considering the direction of the film at the end, but the Chekov’s Gun setup at the start is overly emphasised and makes the progression of the film a little too obvious. On the other hand, if you aren’t familiar with the source material there is an interesting red herring early on.

Tuesday I met up with Heather and we had lunch at the Bella Italia in Southwater, I had the Marco Polo Pasta which was Duck and Mushrooms in Plum sauce and it was alright, Heather had Prawns in Tomato Sauce. After lunch we had a walk around the gardens and then we went to the Cinema to see the movie Wonder Park. Now this may seem an odd choice for two thirtysomethings to go and see but one of the reasons was that at 86 minutes it was quite short. The film is an animated affair about a magical theme park which has been dreamt up by a child and her mother and said child finds herself transported to the theme park, where things aren’t quite as they should be. It wasn’t a bad film thought I feel it might be a bit heavy for the target audiences as it deals with life threatening illness, grief and depression, we also have a rather unlikable lead character. The voice cast include Brianna Denski, Jennifer Garner, Mila Kunis, Casper Lee and Tom Baker, (yes the Tom Baker) though the latter two are only in the British release of the film and are voiced by other actors in the USA and elsewhere. The main reason for seeing it was to see how Heather would cope going to the cinema following her surgery on her eyes, it has been the first time since 2016 she has been to the flicks. We made sure it we sat at the back and in the centre, possibly we could have done with one of the larger screens. After the film we went back to mine and curled up on the sofa watch a rerun of Dad’s Army and then most of a made for GOLD comedy thriller called Death on the Tyne which starred a host of well known faces from British comedy scene, we didn’t see the end as I had to take Heather home.

Wednesday, we set off to go to Hawkstone Park and Follies for an afternoon out, this was where they filmed some of the BBC adaption of the Chronicles of Narnia, en route I introduced the Jon Pertwee loving Heather to the delights of the classic radio sitcom that is the Navy Lark, she enjoyed it and proclaimed “they are all absolutely clueless aren’t they?” We got to Hawkstone Park and had a light snack before we started the walk but unfortunately Heather suffered a massive migraine so I had to take her home. So with unexpected time on my hands I did what every sensible Sandman does, he goes home and watches two episodes of Van der Valk and the listens to Peter Miles and his Jazz Quartet.

I am off Friday night so I think I will go and see the biopic about JRR Tolkien which is imaginatively titled Tolkien. If the dates line up, next week I will take Heather to see superhero comedy Shazam!

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