The Corner Shop

Arkwright sat on the chair waiting for her visitor, the store was officially closed now but she left the door open for the man’s services. Her cover was that she’d be doing onsite paper work and was happy to be of service to anyone who happened to pop in.

The man walked in whistling some damn ear worm, his attire was smart-casual as normal and he had that irritating air of permanent cheerfulness you find on some people. Well, she would wipe the smile off his stupid fat head tonight.

“Pack of Silk Cut,” he said cheerfully and then lowered his tone, “and the usual.”

Arkwright handed over the pack of smokes and smiled mischievously, “That’s 120 in total.”

The man looked up sharply, “I think not young lady.”

“Sorry but business rates have dramatically gone up, so it’ll be an extra 40 pounds for the usual.”

The man smiled and seemed to relax, relax a bit too much. “Now Miss Arkwright I think you’ll find I am being more than generous as it is…”

“I disagree,” Arkwright replied.

“A dog comes in every now and again with something in his collar, you take it out and give it to me. Sounds simple.”

“Yes… But I now know who’s dog it is… And I am fairly certain that those two staying at the Dancing Men will be very interested to know about it.” Arkwright smiled and handed him a paper bag, “the Lemon Sherberts are complimentary.”

The Haunted Wordsmith’s Prompt: Grocery Store


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