3TC: Debriefing

“The rule of thumb is that staff members should not be posing for explicit photographs or such material,” began Vicky. “However, what happens for private home use should be excused as it is not intended for a wider audience.”

“I can see your point,” said the Governor, “but if you don’t video yourself in explicit situations, you can not have them stolen.”

“So if I steal your shoes, it is your fault for owning shoes?” Vicky queried. “Theft is theft, and I have been the victim of not only theft but also blackmail.”

“Yes, we are greatful for that detective friend of yours preventing the scandal from breaking. So I have a comprise.”

Vicky raised her eyebrows, “comprise?”

“My brother runs a girl’s finishing school in Switzerland, they need a new head teacher and I am willing to pay for your flight to Geneva.”

Vicky paused, “where is the school?”

“It is out of the city but quite serene, I feel a teacher of your talents would be appreciated there.”

Vicky mulled it over, “and if I refuse?”

The Governor smiled, “well I think that rather depends on what you bring to the table.”

Light Motfits Three Thing Challenge:
Geneva, Thumb, Teacher

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