Share Your World 20th May 2019

Is it better to suspect something (bad or hurtful) and not know or to have your worst fears confirmed by sure knowledge?

Knowledge is power, so it is better to know. Suspicion can destroy something honest because once the the shadow of a doubt is cast it is hard to remove completely.

What makes you laugh aloud? Crack up? Laugh until your sides split? When was the last time you had a great big belly laugh?

Too much stuff to stuff to mention, I think my big last belly laugh was while watch The Goodies, perhaps not so much the episode itself but Heather’s reaction to it. The episode in question was “Saturday Night Grease” and I think the image of Graeme Garden dragging up as Olivia Newton-John was too much for her… As was the following dance off which closed the episode.

Do you suppose Noah had woodpeckers in the ark? If he did, where did he keep them? Apologies to the Darwinians in the crowd…this is merely for fun, okay?

In the same pen as the Unicorns of course.

The truth is Noah didn’t build the Ark to house the animals of the world. It was a three story boat which bred a particular type of fish.

When asked why, Noah replied “I just really fancied building the very first multi story Carp Ark.”

Why is “Charlie” short for “Charles when they are the same number of letters?

The correct term should be the informal version of an name.

What happened in your world this past week that made you feel thankful, joyful or grateful?

My trip to ‘Narnia’ with Heather was a nice day out, as was our visit to the flicks to see Superhero comedy Shazaam!

I am greatful that despite her circumstances that the Wheeled One seems in good health in herself.

Oh this time she didn’t say she thought my outfit I plan to wear one day at Upton makes me look like a Cuban pimp.

(that isn’t me, that is Jazz 🎷 and Blues 🎸 legend Leon Redbone, I am just taken by his style).

Share Your World

2 thoughts on “Share Your World 20th May 2019

  1. I thought for a moment that you’d had the opportunity to meet Mr. Redbone. That would be AMAZING and to hear him play live? Priceless I imagine! But I’m with Heather on the whole Cuban pimp remark. Unfortunately that is one stereotype that endures. Thanks Jazzman for Sharing Your World! 🙂

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