Sandman’s Q and A

Have you ever worked in a fast food place?
Have you ever sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call?
Would you ever have plastic surgery?

Answer the questions in the comments or create a post and link to this one with a pingback.

My Answers
No I can honestly say I have not done that… I’d a right swine at it as well “do you want chips with that?”, ” So that a diet Coke to got with the large portion of diet Chicken Nuggets and the large diet fries.” “Would you be interested in the Nigel Meal deal? You get two milkshakes for the price of one. One to drink and to throw at fascists”

No, not really. I have occasionally kept my phone on me when my family are abroad though.

Only in the case of an accident. I did once think of having my teeth whitened and straightened because of an obnoxious series of comments by girl I went on a date with. Pity as she looked like Bernadette from the Big Bang Theory… mercifully she didn’t sound like her though.

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