Friday Night was Music Night

The 16th Bridgnorth Jazz Festival kicked off this evening at the Down Inn (where I work) and I volunteered to do the bar because it meant that I got paid to listen to Jazz as I know Jazz is an acquired taste and felt it the honourable thing to do.

The band in question were the Temperance Seven, who topped the UK hit parade in 1961 with “You’re Driving Me Crazy” and will admit they are not really my thing. Musically they are meeting point between the 1930s dance bands and traditional Jazz but last time I saw them they seemed incredibly stilted, however I did learn the reason for that.

It was a good crowd with about a dozen youngsters in the audience, and the band played competently. Numbers they played included “Tiger Rag”, “Hard Hearted Hannah”, “Nobody’s Sweetheart”, “Everybody Loves My Baby” , “Pasadena” and of course they closed with their Chart topper “You’re Driving Me Crazy” and an encore of “the Charleston”.

It was a reasonable start to the festival but lacked the real sparkle of the opening act for a festival.


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