I’m back

My sabbatical is over, I only intended to be off for a few days but the funk of the Jazz Festival has lingered for longer than expected… See below

I trust Mrs A has been keeping you entertained.

The festival took place in various pubs and as such the venues tended to be a tad cramped meaning I didn’t get as many videos or photos as I would have liked, but nevermind. Highlights included “Remembering Alex Walsh” and the Jam Session at the Falcon.
Sunday was a more straightforward all-star performance at the Swan Knowles Sands. Expect a series of posts soon.

Saturday night was a rough one, partially down to beer but mostly because it was really hot and I kept getting sweaty, plus late night deliveries at the near by Co-Op and Tesco Express meant that keeping the window open was not an option. It was about 5am when I finally nodded off and consequently Sunday evening was a sleepy affair.

Friday I took Heather to see The Secret Life of Pets 2 which was very funny and relatable to any pet owners.

Yesterday, Heather and I watched an episode of the Goodies which featured Patrick Troughton and I introduced Heather to The Avengers and I think she thought she was on some kind of drug induced trip. The episode is question was “Look (Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One) but There Were These Two Fellas” which guest stars John Cleese, Bernard Cribbins and John Woodvine. Funnily enough my pal Alan who is an advocate of cult TV described the episode as “disturbing”.

In other news, I got back in touch with the ex… I might have unwittingly lit bluetouch paper and found there is nowhere to retire to…


One thought on “I’m back

  1. I used to love The Avengers but find myself unable to watch it now (it reruns nightly). I haven’t heard of that episode. I’ll look out for it.
    Glad you got out and about but heat & lack of sleep are a wicked combo!


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