WotD: Penance

When I was in my final two years year of Secondary School my school life was hell. Due to size reasons for the core subjects the year was split in two with Six Classes for each of the subjects and divided into ability, so two top groups, two middle and two remedial/bottom, as it had been previous years. But for some none sensical reason rather than have three of the six form groups in one half of the year and have top/middle/bottom sets for that half and the same for the other they decided to mix the halfs over all the forms and split the year as Top/Top/Middle and Middle/Bottom/Bottom and have it when one half of the year was having Maths, the other had English. The problem with this meant that if you were diabolical in one subject and great in the other, you would suffer in one of the subjects: either being out of depth in one class or over qualified in one meaning you wouldn’t do as well as you could have.

The problem for me was that although I was pretty much in the same grade as my friends we were in different halves of the year, and despite my protests did nothing to fix the situation. The thing was I worked much better with my friends and they worked better with me and this fact was blanked from their minds. At first I thought it luck of the draw, but then I noticed it was happening all the time, on trips I would magically be put on a different bus to my friends and go to other venue to them. So after about a year and a half protesting, they finally did something about it (I refused to do PE until it was fixed). First up they gave me some cock and bull story about class sizes (even though my classes were larger) and offered a compromise in changing form group. What they didn’t tell me was they were also moving in the guys who had being giving me crap, and then had the audacity to tell me I would still have to check with my old form tutor as they couldn’t be arsed to felt it a silly to transfer my details from one register to another. They said it was my penance… In others I had to pay penance for them fucking up in the first place.

Why did they do this? Simple I wasn’t a Catholic and it was a Catholic school and stood up for myself. I wasn’t nasty, I just asked to be excused attending mass and I would work in the library, but they were deliberately being arseholes about it.

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