Fibbing Friday 14th June

  1. Who was the first person to sail around the world? Michael Palin
  2. Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids? Because it seemed like a great idea after the pub crawl around Cairo
  3. What is Ursa Major? The course I studied in my freshman year
  4. Lady and the Tramp wasn’t about two dogs… what was it about? The Illuminati
  5. What does “Law and Order” mean? I switched on 5* again instead of UK Gold
  6. What does Hell look like? A Cornwall Caravan Holiday in the rain.
  7. What do cars do when you’re at work? They turn into ice-skating Badgers and dance the Bolero
  8. What is the best song ever written? “Some songs are very very long, this one isn’t”
  9. What are gnomes looking for in your garden? The lettersSpike Milligan’s daughter wrote to the fairies.
  10. What is in fruitcake? Spam
  11. What are the Seven Deadly Sins?A shit prog rock band
  12. Why were Cinderella’s slippers made of glass? Because Squirrel skin didn’t appeal to Disney
  13. What is wind? The aftermath of baked Beans
  14. Why do cars have bike racks without bikes? Cultural appropriation
  15. What is the secret meaning behind the Mickey Mouse Club? It is really the cult of Morbius

From the Haunted Wordsmith


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