YDWP: Bashful

Your Daily Word Prompt: Bashful

I am somewhat bashful in myself, I try to keep modest about my abilities and achievements.

However when working on a pilot show I did get a little more forthcoming, well I had to in order to get it all in the can as it were.

The script was written by myself and based on a storyline co written between myself and a chap who I will call Henry Waldo (which is an anagram of his name, sort of) and it was written to be fairly easy to film around my home town, and nothing too complicated or risky to do.

We borrowed the changing rooms of a sports club which were out of use for a few days to have a place fir our actors to get changed and scrub up if needed.

The problem was, when it came to a scene where our herorine changes into and out of her swimming attire, it prompted our actress to approach me and ask ‘how are we filming this?”. To which I replied” well we get you to undress to the bikini (which she had on underneath her clothes to save time). Have a break, you jump in the shower and mess your hair a bit and we film you walking back across the room while you are still wet.”

She then smiled and said,” I meant are you filming me getting dressed…” Then, bashfully I clicked,”oh wrap yourself in a towel we’ll do some editing.” And then I added, “unless you want to take your top off on camera.”

She just smiled and said “well off or on?”

Here is the last shot before she gets “dressed”

Was she bashful or cheeky. Did it stay off or on?

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