FOWC: Aftermath

I often wondered if Mrs A has had repercussions from some of her theatre performances or from accidentally sending an email to the wrong person.

Everyone faces repercussions of something at one point, the problem is that the repercussions can come from a misunderstanding. A case in point was me leaving the Shoe thanks to a vindictive member of staff who made a rash judgement about a Facebook status regarding my frustration at the social care service my frail grandfather was and he had assumed I was referring to my work place and promptly went snitching to the area manager. Part of me says I should name and shame, but… Repercussions..

The biggest repercussion in recent times was misreading a scenario with the young lady pictured and as consequence losing one of, if not, my best friends.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Repercussions

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