3TC: The Night Before

It was the night before the party and despite herself, Krissy could not help but feel excited for tomorrow’s events. There had been a lot of planning involved and despite Lady Midnight’s reservations about hiring an external security team, it looked as though it was going to be kept a lot more in order then some of these balls. Krissy had hidden her two costumes from lady Midnight, for some reason she didn’t think that she would approve. She was ruminating on her plans for the morning when lady Midnight knocked on her door, she invited her in. It was unusual to see her benefactor out of her formal attire and literally with her hair down, though it had to be said even her nightwear had a sense of dignity about it. It was more the a nightie- it was like a lightweight dress with lace bows sewn onto the edges, she had in her hands two glasses of white wine.

“I thought you might want a little night cap,” lady Midnight said softly.

“Thank you,” replied Krissy. “I guess I could do with calming my nerves about tomorrow.”

Lady Midnight smiled, “I am sure it will be quite eventful.” That much would prove to be true, lady Midnight’s Halloween Ball was going to be far more eventful then either of them realised.

Three Things Challenge: Excited, Security, Lace3tc5481547422925848358.jpg

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