RDP: Darkness Falls

Midnight! Midnight in the Underground! It sounds enthralling and exciting and, perhaps, even romantic. The truth is the opposite, midnight in the Underground is much the same as midday in the Underground with anxious commuters waiting for their train to arrive sooner rather that later.

Liz was waiting patiently on the platform of Mornington Crescent, idly finishing of a small packet of grapes while lost in her thoughts seemingly oblivious to the world around her. Her attention aroused by a murmur among the commuters near the edge of the platform which was slowly be steadily ascending in decibels, she looked up and saw several people staring into the darkness of the tunnel. She assumed it was the arrival of the train and recomposed herself but this was quickly rejected as one of the crowd semi-shouted “what’s that? That is no train!” Liz crossed to the platform edge and peered into the darkness, there in the shadows of the tunnels was a light green-yellow glow, it started off small but gradually got larger. As it approached the mouth of the tunnel the object’s form began to be clear, it was a dog. The dog was bright green and it shot out of the tunnels, eyes red and it snarled viciously as it emerged from the tunnel and shot across the track before disappearing in the darkness of the adjacent tunnel. A low murmur descended upon the folk on the platform.


“A luminous green dog you say?” Said Arthur scratching his chin thoughtfully, he smiled. “Now Liz, you haven’t been on that Marijuana Gin again have you?”

“Of course not Arthur,” Liz replied indignantly. “I have just finished a late shift and am on my way home.”

“And you saw the dog at Mornington Crescent?”

Liz nodded confirmation, “About the size of a German Shepherd, but far too quick for me to identify the breed.”

“Well there can’t be that many breeds of dog that are luminous and live in the darkness and shadows of the London Underground.” Arthur got up from his seat and offered his visitor a brandy which was gratefully accepted, “sounds like a small jumper problem.”

“A what?” asked Liz. Arthur indicated a number of knitting needles and wool stored under his seat.

“Liz, the guest bedroom is fully prepped, don’t bother heading home now.”

“Thanks Arthur,” replied Liz, she lent over to him and kissed him on the cheek. “I’ll turn in if you don’t mind.”

Arthur smiled as she departed, poured himself a large brand and returned to his chair, picking his knitting and began working, mulling the problem over in his mind. A few hours later he decided to call it a night and go to bed. he placed the half finished jumper on the coffee table and ascended to his chamber.

Liz didn’t sleep very well, every time she was about to drift off she kept imagining the dog lurking in the shadows of the bedroom, just as she thought she was about to nodded off, she heard a heavy thumping on the landing- it took her a few moments to realise it was Arthur going to bed. She checked her phone and saw that Ghost Dog was trending on Twitter, it would seem that the dog had been spotted at Euston, Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road; all stations on the northern line. As she scanned she spotted a report of a dog having gone missing near the Battersea Power Station stop… was a pet dog haunting the line?

Liz awoke with a start, something had touched her shoulder. She sat up sharply and was greeted by Arthur pouring her a cup of tea. She relaxed and laughed, “sorry I didn’t sleep very well. It seems ghost dogs don’t make for easy nights.”

“I would imagine,” said Arthur cheerfully. “But you’ll be happy to know I have solved te mystery of the Green Dog.”

“You have?” she queried.

“Yes,” smiled Arthur. “I’ll tell you once you come down for breakfast.”



Ragtag Daily Prompt: Shadows

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