The West Wing

Tracy followed Krissy into her bedroom and was a little surprised that the room mostly reflected the decour of the main house with very little of personalisation, she guessed Lady Midnight really insisted on her heritage.

“I’d have thought that you’d would add your own touch,” Tracy said softly.

“I’d love to, but I am under certain rules.” Krissy replied slipping out of her casuals. She could see Tracy was looking a bit awkward and respectfully slipped into the bathroom dragging her new costume with her. She emerged a moment later, “I thought it best to stick with a theme.”

“You real like being a sexy witch don’t you?” Tracy asked rhetorically.

“It’s my way of teasing Lady Midnight,” Krissy smiled. She suddenly straightened up, “did you hear creaking?”

“Probably a guest…”

“No this is out of bounds.. I guess they are being nosey.”

Lady Midnight bought Thomas to her chamber in the West Wing, gladly telling him of the house history as they walked.

“Anyway Thomas,” she smiled. “You are a bachelor, you must miss the company at times.”

She sat on the bed and smiled gesturing him to join her.

“Unaccompanied gentleman in a lady’s boudoir… Very dangerous,” said Arthur.

“You are no gentleman and I am only a Lady by title..”

“… And that’s where the danger lies.” Said Arthur.

Lady Midnight rose to her feet, “I thought I’d keep the Halloween theme dress all the way.” With that, she began to undress.

The increased creaking had driven Krissy and Tracy out of her room and prompted an investigation.

“it’s coming from her ladyship’s room,” said Krissy. Both girls followed the sound and stood agahst at the open door.

“I think we better leave them to it…” said Tracy sheepishly.

Out in the depth of the house, the hood figure moved silently. He moved a painting on the wall to reveal the Safe, it was only a matter of time now. From the depths of his cloak he produced a small toolkit.

Continuing on from Mingling

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