Shate Your World 28th October 2019

Where’s the line between respectful disagreement and being downright mean (bullying) to someone?

When it comes aggressive, threatening and being demeaning towards someone. To respectfully disagree would be to use substantiated evidence.

Would you prefer to live in a world where alcohol was free or where politicians were honest?

Honest politicians, what else? Free alcohol would be both a social and economical disaster.

What’s one habit you have that your family or friends think is rather childish?

Some would say reading comics or goubg fir the big ice cream sundae when out for a meal.

But what’s the point of being grown up if you can’t be childish once in a while.

Would you rather go to a big party and rub shoulders with the rich and famous or go to an amazing quiet Garden that hardly anyone has ever visited?

Oh quite definitely the latter, work in the hospitality trade and you’ll know why.
What do you think of the idea of “trick or treat or money for a charity” as a way of making Halloween more useful?

Being a British person I think we’d adapt the old Penny for the Guy set up. Traditionally the penny for the guy would be done to collect money for fireworks to celebrate Bonfire night, during the run up to the 5th November children would carry around effigies of Guy Fawkes to collect the money and the effigy would be burned on the bonfire during the firework display. Since most displays these days come woth funfairs and all sorts of money spinners the “Penny for the Guy” could go to a charity.

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