FOWC: The Master Staircase

Continuing on from the West Wing

Krissy could help but take one look back at Lady Midnight and her suitor as they continued their activity, she couldn’t quite associate her stuffy mystery and the wild display on show. Evidently Krissy had lingered too long as Lady Midnight looked up and gasped as she saw Krissy, instinctively she pulled her hands over exposed bosom.

“Don’t you knock?” snapped the lady of the manor.

“Perhaps you should learn to close doors,” chirruped Krissy. She looked at the male figure who was now sliding off the bed, it was that guy Thomas. Evidently he preferred age appropriate as she cast her mind back to her attempted seduction… That certainly answered a question about his relationship with Tracy.

Lady Midnight regained her composure and looked at the two girls, “as the lady of the Manor I feel I do have the right to engage with any activity with my guests.” She strolled across to her dresser and looked at a copy of the party itinerary left there. She checked it against the clock and turned to Thomas, who was now half redressed.” You’d better rejoin the party with your friend.”

Thomas nodded and joined Tracy, “I trust you will be discreet. I don’t allow anyone into the west wing.” She beckoned Krissy in to her room.

Thomas and Tracy had made it to the grand staircase when the awkward silence was broken.

“I thought we were here to investigate and prevent a robbery, not dance with no pants with mistress snoot!” Tracy said through his teeth.

“Well I must admit that I hadn’t exactly put that into account,” said Thomas sheepishly. “But I did see something..”

“I bet you did…”

“Quite, but when invited to me the special guests I recognised one. It was Gervase.”


“Gervase.” Tracy looked no the wiser, “The Martinique minister for real ale, social charmer, philanthropist, excellent fencer and most importantly: a master thief.”

Tracy looked at him, “I take it you are old adversaries. I hope he didn’t recognise you.”

“Wouldn’t matter too much if he did, I think the game is more than the prize for him.”

“Help me with this,” said Lady Midnight pulling her dress. Krissy smiled and did so.

“I never thought of you as much of a goer,” she said cheekily.

“I am still a woman,” Lady Midnight replied.

“I could see that, and may I say looking very fine looking too.”

“Thank you Krissy,”

Krissy blushed, “How long were you…”

Lady Midnight snapped, “I wasn’t running a stopwatch you know.”

Krissy finished sealing her ladyship into her dress, “I think it is time for you to get the jewellery on.”

Thomas was half down the staircase when a thought occured to him, “Gervase tends to have an information network, so he’ll know where any valuables are stored in the house. I think we should returned to our ladyfriends and see if we can solve this problem before it even starts.”

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Solve

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