FowC/WotD: Arrangements

Continuing in from The Master Staircase

Krissy and Lady Midnight departed from the Boudoir and headed down the hall, lady Midnight fished a key from the small purse on her dress.

Krissy smiled mischievously, how far could she push her ladyship before she snapped. “Was he any good?”

“I beg your pardon?” replied Lady Midnight.

“Thomas,” Krissy clarified, “it certainly sounded as if..”

“Young lady that is hardly a question to ask the lady of the house…” she snapped.

Krissy smiled, “of course.” She’d try a change of tack, “why him? I have been here a long time and I haven’t seen you take a gentleman suitor before.”

Lady Midnight stopped in her tracks and looked at Krissy, “A cynic would think that you are worried about your continuing presence in my home.”

“Call me silly, but I think a good looking woman like yourself shouldn’t be putting herself out to pasture,” replied Krissy.

“Since Gerald died, I didn’t want it to look like I was just over it. Call me vain but the grieving widow look benefited as it kept away the diggers. I like this Thomas, he can hold his own. I am a little rusty at this so a pick up at a party seemed a baby step back.”

That answered Krissy’s initial thoughts, but there was something at the back of her mind not wringing true.

The hooded figure returned his tools, he had the warning that the Lady was on her way. Silently he slipped into the shadows as the door opened. Lady Midnight and her ward entered and proceeded to the safe, the lady paused for a moment looking at the safe and then proceeded to unlock it. In that moment the figure slipped through the door and disappeared into the house.

Tracy had persuaded Thomas returning to the party was a better idea, if this theif had a network, they’d have a better chance finding it there. Thomas had taken this quite well and had returned to the drawing room, introducing Tracy to guests, who could not barely disguise their thoughts of the young lady.

“I see her ladyship’s philanthropy to her ward has introduced a regressive element to the party,” sneered one guest.

Tracy didn’t dignify that with a reply, Thomas however wouldn’t let it slide, “If one cannot allow a guest here, hiw would they ever raise their social standing.” He examined the man, he recognised him from one of ‘his nibs’ glossy magazines, and from research where his wealth came from. “After all not everyone who makes cakes runs a bakery.” The man’s sneer faded and he bid them aideu.

“What was that about?” Asked Tracy.

“That’s Viscount Philip Marshall,” replied Thomas. “His family money comes from the manufacture of Urinal Cakes.”

“That is quite correct,” purred a familar voice from behind them. They turned and faced Gervase, he toom Tracy’s hand and politely kissed it. “My name is Gervase and I the Martinique Minister for Real Ale.”

“Tracy, I sell Fertiliser.” the young lady answered.

“Delighted to meet you,” replied Gervase. He turned to Thomas, “prey tell where did her ladyship take you?”

“oh for a walk around the west wing,” replied Thomas.

“I see,” answered Gervase. “I would like to see the West Wing myself.”

“I bet you would,” muttered Tracy under her breath.

Lady Midnight had adorned herself with the jewels and had returned to the party, with many guests commenting on them. She was pleased to see Thomas and Gervase emerge from the drawing room, they seemed to be the only genuine guests about, or certainly from a more senior circle. She thought back to a confession she’d made Krissy on the way down, what did she make of it.

Tracy had rejoined the crowd, the toxic levels of testosterone in the drawing room make her worried she might start growing a penis. The relationship with Gervase was odd, it was almost playful, not what she was expecting at all.

Krissy had gone to the bar quite perplexed by Lady Midnight’s quite frank admission, was she playing her at her own game. The crowd went quiet as lady Midnight took to the centre and announced the first of the nights Entertainment acts. A cello quartet emerged from one of the rooms and Lady Midnight disappeared into the crowd.

Lady Midnight made her way to an ante-chamber and sat down. Could she do this? She opened the door and peaked through a crack, Thomas and Gervase were engaging in a verbal duel. Perhaps this would work.

Out in the party one of the Dracula’s met up a Jason, “It’ll happen soon, the girl will be a witness too.”

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: cynic

Word of the Day Challenge: Vain

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