What Has happened to Mr Floof?

Mr Floof is one of the ferral cats who live by the bins at the Down, he came for food because he could climb into the bins and the chefs took pity on him. He has been coming for food for weeks now and the chefs even built him a little house. He’s not been seen for week, I think we all know what has happened to him but don’t want to say it…
Well in other news, this is pretty much represents the result of my job interview at the Walnut:

More on this later…

Thursday, aside from the interview and subsequent work trial was fairly laid back. I went to see the new Addams Family animated film which was better than the critics are saying it is. The caricatures of the family are based more on the comic strip rather than the TV series of the 1960s or the films of the 1990s and while truer in principle I am not sure they translated to the animation style very well. But on the whole it was quite enjoyable with a subplot about makeover TV shows, there are plenty of Easter Eggs some subtle (the Addams Family house being painted Salmon pink at the end) and the not so (Mortica sees a balloon and comments “well they usually have a psychotic clown attached”). Yes, they use the proper theme tune. There is an amusing cameo by the rap legend that is Snoop Dog… As Cousin Itt.
After the film I went to see Heather and took the Mini Super Nintendo with me. Heather managed to totally hand my ass to me on both Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter 2, though my skills at platform games proved to be superior.
She has been a little under the weather lately so wasn’t overly chatty but nothing to worry about.

I’ll be signing off now.

I do hope we are all wrong about Mr Floof.

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