RDP: The Cross

“We are gathered here today to mark the passing of Lord Tanel, a fine upstanding employee of the Empire, a dedicated leader, and humble private Citizen,” stated the Orator to the small but dedicated crowd.

“As per request of the deceased there will be no eulogy, instead we shall commit his body to the stars which he loved.” The Orator turned to the casket which was sealed in an ejection tube.

“Just a moment,” said a soft female voice. A late middle aged lady with a large scar down her face hobbled her way to the tune. “Lord Tanel was responsible for the injuries that are upon my person.”

The Orator turned to the newcomer, “Professor Genna, we have all heard the accustions from you and placed them to the Collective and Tanel was found not guilty.”

“Mork you were there,” Jenna continued. “You know what happened.”

“I do..”

“So on this day of ‘great mourning’, I wish to present the Lord with this decoration.” She produced a small metal cross from her tunic and held it on show to the crowd.

“The Civilian Seal of mourning!” Exclaimed Mork.

“Yes, as I learned more about the final battle at Ground Zero I realised that Tanel’s actions while dangerous to me saved 500 hundred people and allowed time for the back up ships to arrive and end the battle.”

The Orator smiled and took the cross placed it with the personal effects.”He hated the thought of Military Decoration appalled him. I think he would have welcomed this though.”

Genna smiled at Mork and together they pulled the leaver on the ejection tube.

Out in the cold depths of space, Tanel’s casket drifted off into infinity.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Decorated

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