“Did you enjoy your theatre class last night? ” asked Mr Johnstone.

“It was a bit odd,” replied Mrs Anderson.

“In what way?”

“Well we are auditioning for the next play,” she blushed.

“Oh prey tell…”


Mr Johnstone smiled, “go on.”

“Do you remember Matt Hartnell?”

“Yes, he had a book published last year while doing his A Levels didn’t he?”

“That’s correct.” She took a deep breath. “Well he auditioned for one of the leads…”

“Seemed a shy sort to me.”

“He is.” She looked down blushing further.

“Go on.”

“During the audition he was required to go down to his boxer shorts.”

“I see..”

“…Well the part requires a bit more and the co-director got me to ask two questions.”

“Which were?”

” ‘are you comfortable being naked on stage’…”

“Sounds fair enough.”

“And, well I will paraphrase, ‘are you well endowed?'”

Mr Johnstone sighed, “how awkward. Anything else?”

“Well we are doing second call tonight and he’ll have to bare all.”

Three Things Challenge: Enjoy, Tell, Odd

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