“Are we going to alternate each auditionee?” asked Mrs Anderson.

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” replied Artro the director. “Who’s turn is it next?”

“Matt Hartnell,” answered Mrs Anderson softly.

“Send him in,” instructed Artro.

Mrs Anderson called him and told him to get on with the audition.

The young man performed the first part of the scene spot on, it reminded her of the dramatic readings he did while doing his GCSEs.

“Ok Matt, yesterday you did part of the audition in your boxer-shorts and if you recall…”

“Yes Mrs Anderson I do recall,” he answered sheepishly.

“Well lets get on with it,” answered Mrs Anderson.

Matt started the scene with muster, as he approached the end of the scene he hesitated slightly as he dressed down to his boxers. He paused, and made brief eye contact with Mrs Anderson who nodded, she wasn’t sure who was more uncomfortable. Matt broke from his pause and turned to the side, he delivered his next line while sliding his boxers shorts off. Then he paused (for dramatic effect?) and turned to face Mrs Anderson and Artro. Mrs Anderson was quietly blushing, unsure where to be looking.

Artro whispered in her ear, “well?”

Mrs Anderson paused, “I think you are qualified for the part,” she said at last

Three Things Challenge: Alternate, It, Turn

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