Mr Johnstone was already sitting down when Mrs Anderson arrived and had poured the coffee.

“You’re late,” he said.

“Yes well I had a bit further to come today,” she said.

Mr Jonstone noticed the shell broach on her blouse. “Weren’t you wearing that blouse yesterday?”

“I did, I just like it so I thought I would wear it again,” she answered trying not to blush.

Mr Johnstone raised an eyebrow, “how did the play go?”

“It went well,” she replied going red.

“I take it our former student still was in it,” Mr Johnstone stated with a wolf like grin.

“Yes,” she looked down briefly.

“Did he take his clothes off?”

“Yes…” she leaned in, “Just between us, I ended up getting a private performance afterwards.”

“What do you mean?”

Mrs Anderson pushed her phone forwards and selected a photo, it showed Matt revealing all.

“He’s certainly… How..”

“8 and a half inches,” she said mischievously. “I measured him when he was up.”

“Didn’t he feel a bit exposed?”

Three Things Challenge: Blush, Wolf, Shell

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