Sandman’s Writing Prompt

Following the trend, I have set up my own writing prompt series. Select one or more of the following and see where it takes you. Link to this post and tag the post Sandman's Writing Prompt or SWP so I can enjoy your efforts. 1. The Last Days of New Orleans 2. 3. "I remember … Continue reading Sandman’s Writing Prompt


Mrs Anderson was never much of a dancer, she occasionally would join in on a foxtrot or Waltz. Quite how she had had Matt persuade her to join him at the Catapult Club she didn't know, it would be a night she'd never forget, she just didn't know it yet 3TC: Waltz, Catapult, Forget

Title Choices

I am once again contemplating titles for various stories and I would like a bit of external view. Story A An underground biological research station has recently suffered an outbreak of some unknown viral strand and our hero is here to analyse and find out who is the traitor. Title Choices The Warren (in reference … Continue reading Title Choices

Suicide is Painless (And I can take and leave it as I please)

Before any of you get worried, or am offering out unsavoury advice, I am merely making a reference to lyrics to the song "Suicide is Painless" AKA The Theme Tune from M*A*S*H. As a part of my determination to start playing my assorted musical instruments again I am trying to learn familiar tunes by ear … Continue reading Suicide is Painless (And I can take and leave it as I please)