The Big Apple

“Ah New York, the city so good they named it twice,” said the Doctor with a small giggle.

“I didn’t think we’d see it again, and so soon,” Stated Vicki.

“Well my dear the ship can be a curious piece of equipment at times,” He rose a finger to his lip and paused, “I wonder if the… Of probably not. Come on my dear.”

Vicki smiled, despite the Doctor’s advanced years he could show sudden bouts of boundless energy. He impatiently tapped his walking stick on the pavement ordering her to keep up.

“Do you know where Steven went?” asked Vicki.

“I believe he went to find a suitable eatery,” the Doctor said absent mindedly as he picked up a paper from a boy. “Ah this is an interesting year, by the end of it the Americans will have elected the first African-American president.”

“Oh I remember reading that in history,” chirruped Vicki. “Barack Obama?”

“Quite right my dear..” the Doctor said as he turned a corner. He stood still and scratched his chin. “Now that can’t be right.” He double checked the paper and accosted a passer by.

“Excuse me my dear, could you tell the time?” he asked.

“Certainly, it is a quarter from 12.”

The Doctor smiled, “Thank you, but I meant the time period.”

“Time period???”

“The year my dear,” the Doctor growled. He studied the woman’s reactions. His demeanour soften, “indulge an old man whose memory is not what it was.”

“oh sorry, it is 2009.”

The Doctor thanked her and the woman went on her way. Vicki could see the Doctor was agitated, he was fiddling with his jacket.

“What is the problem?”

“I am afraid my dear it could be serious. The year is 2009.”


“Take a look.”

Vicki looked where was pointing

“Skyscrapers? It is New York.”

“Skyscrapers? My dear, this is New York 2009, and those Skyscrapers are the Word Trade Centre.”

Daily Writing Prompt: Alternate History