Mrs A’s Q and A

Mrs A is asking the questions today.

Either answer in comments or create your own post and link back to this one with a pingback.

1. What was your first paid job?

2. How long have you lived where you live?

3. Do you go to college/University?

4. Ladies: Bikini or swimsuit?

Gents: Speedos or Swim Shorts?

5. Have you/would you ever pose nude for a photo or portrait?


Sandman, normal font, Mrs A in Bold

1. I was a pot washer and food runner at the Tontine Hotel in Ironbridge.

I was a part time assistant in a hairdressers

2. All my life give or take a few years.

10 years this time.

3. I did but dropped out over disagreements with my tutors over my dissertation.

I am a fully qualified teacher, I think you can figure that one out.

4. Definitely swim shorts.

Depends where I am, public swimming pool normally a swimsuit. On holiday or in the hot tub I tend to wear a bikini/part of a bikini.

5. I haven’t exactly posed as such but I have been photographed nude. I don’t think I could sit still long enough to pose for a painting.

Much the same, I have been photographed topless but haven’t actually posed for photos. I have done a still life

3 thoughts on “Mrs A’s Q and A

  1. 1. Unofficially – record company in manchester
    Officially – receptionist for the Royal Mail

    2. Three years, one month, thirteen days – other than when I am travelling

    3. Not now. I have to keep doing training in the various sectors I work.
    CIPD is blah!

    4. I am a proper swimmer. I go thrashing up and down pool, I need a proper swimming costume for that. The only time I ever wear bikinis is if I have been sailing with friends and we can sunbathe somewhere secluded. I would not want strangers ogling.

    5. I guess my answer to the above question makes that obvious.
    Photograph – no way on earth!
    Although Goldfinch is an artist. so I would pose for him. These live drawing classes have nude models. I would not want to pose for a bunch of strangers, but I admire the work of the artists. Their pictures often don’t resemble the model though. Sometimes the make the model look better than they do. I think I would pose for Goldffinch (well, not know because I am with Jack) because it would be special between us. His work is amazing, and, I don’t know, when it’s someone you are in love with, it feels different.


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