The Really You

From our friend Rory, a Guy Called Bloke


What are you reading then?

I am currently reading Eric Saward’s novelisation of his Doctor Who story “Revelation of the Daleks”, the prose at times is a bit clunky which is not totally unexpected, however I think it has been exaggerated by his attempts at trying to do Douglas Adams style whimsy.

I also reading The Missing Millionaire by Joseph Lovece which is a retelling of the first Sexton Blake story. The original was published in the Halfpenny Marvel in 1893 and was written by Harold Blyth under the nom-de-plume of Hal Meredith and could in no stretch of the imagination be classified as good. Blyth was no writer hence the decision to rewrite the story. The book contains the original story complete with the original illustrations as a bonus.


What prompts you to respond to prompts?

At the moment the opportunities to do much blogging haven’t shown themselves, but normally I try to go for Fandango’s One Word Challenge, Teresa’s story prompts, the three things challenge and occasionally the various other word prompts.

What is your favoured style of writing genre?

I haven’t really thought too much about it. I guess my most frequent ones are Spy/Crime fiction and Science Fiction. However I did enjoy the genre prompts set by the aforementioned Teresa.


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