A Silly Quiz

In which cartoon would you find the character "Richard Millhouse"? Bill Owen played the father in law of Bob Ferris in which TV Sitcom? Who wrote the novel "The Maltese Falcon"? Dick Grayson was the real name of what Superhero? What item of clothing did Charlie Chaplin eat in "The Gold Rush"? Have fun

Sandman’s Q and A

Here's a little quiz for you to distract you from the current situation. Answer either in the comments or create a new post and link back to this one with a pingback. hat time period do you think was the high point of TV broadcast? Do you like (sung) TV theme songs or do you … Continue reading Sandman’s Q and A


Last night, my family and I naturally joined in with the 8pm clap for Health Careworkers, we were worried that we'd be utter pratts in doing it but the entire estate as far as I can tell took part and a few even set off fireworks. i finally finished E C R Lorac's "Murder by Matchlight" which … Continue reading Stuff