YDWP: Three Amigos

Your Daily Word Prompt: Infamous

My immediate thought when reading the prompt was of a small scene in the Three Amigos where our titular hetos misunderstand a telegram sent to them by couple of Mexicans as a plea for help. This, however, stems from a misunderstanding on their behalf because they believe that the Three Amigos are real as opposed to characters in silent movies. They go to the Telegraph office and send a telegram asking for help, but because they don’t have enough money to write what they need to, the man in the office helps them out by editing it and putting in the word infamous instead of various descriptive words to describe the bandit villain of the piece.

As you can probably guess, the film is a comedy and pastiches that particular style of Western and has plenty of silly jokes along the way to please all audiences.

One of the films most popular scenes is the campfire scene where the Amigos take up camp for the night and they serenade themselves to sleep.

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