Fibbing Friday

1. What was the significance of the little white dot on the TV screen at 11 pm? It was a surveillance device planted by agents working for the King of the Potato People.
2. Who were the Woodentops? Hale and Pace
3. What is meant by the Gravy Train? It what Wheeltappers and Shunters use to add sauce to their Sunday Roast
4. Who sang about flowers in the rain? A hippy who got caught in storm Dennis
5. What do the initials MP stand for? The Mutant Phase
6. What was Jiminy Cricket’s job? He was a Tennis commentator.
7. Why are diamonds measured in carats? Because Parsnips was reserved for Vasectomies.
8. What do Kimball and Hammond have in common? They both directed episodes of Ivanhoe
9. What is a swizzle stick? A knock off Harry Potter wand
10. What are chick peas? Small boobs

Fibbing Friday

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