The Caramel Crunch #13


From Caramel


You are spending time with a close friend (or perhaps someone you are courting) at a public venue – perhaps at a shop or eating in a restaurant. Your friend is unhappy about the service, but when expressing their complaint, they are very rude to a member of staff.


Now having experienced this from the other side I know exactly what I would do, bring them to account and find out exactly what there issue is. If there is an issue with service, the most common one being “it’s a bit slow today” I tend to discuss it with my companion before hand to try and diffuse the situation, after all prevention is far better then a cure. The other issue which does crop up is if the waiting staff are seemingly uninterested, rude or performing poorly; Now the situation here is a tricky one because there may be underlying reasons from outside the work place which have leaked onto the shop floor. In theory you are supposed to leave your baggage at the door and step into, what essentially is a performance, the role of the shiny-happy waiting person, but we all know that the reality of this is a far more complex affair.  My approach to my companion being rude to the staff would be to calm them down and change the subject because being angry and rude is seldom a proactive method of resolving an issue and likely to be an invitation to have ourselves propelled onto the pavement with a punt up the posterior. My solution would be to leave as soon as possible and any recriminations to expelled while en route to a new destination.

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