Night Thoughts

After a number of difficult nights sleep I decided (partially at Sian's advice) to seriously cut out my social media intake just for the sake of my mental health. Anxiety is clearly having an effect upon with my mind wandering around about things and this is consequently affecting my health elsewhere, lack of sleep being … Continue reading Night Thoughts

YDWP: Three Amigos

Your Daily Word Prompt: Infamous My immediate thought when reading the prompt was of a small scene in the Three Amigos where our titular hetos misunderstand a telegram sent to them by couple of Mexicans as a plea for help. This, however, stems from a misunderstanding on their behalf because they believe that the Three … Continue reading YDWP: Three Amigos


Tell us how you met your partner. Please be specific in telling your tale. We met via an online dating agency called Oasis. We messaged a few times and then total radio silence. It was about six weeks later and I was contemplating looking elsewhere assuming she'd gone elsewhere. This was when her eyes started … Continue reading Questions