3TC: Snakes in a School Hall

Three Things Challenge: Cry, Phobia, Laugh

People will often laugh at someone’s phobia because it seems irrational. I personally have a phobia of Snakes which is probably about the only thing I have in common with Indiana Jones, it is some what illogical because Shropshire is so well known for its abundance of serpentine life. But the nature of a phobia is irrational fear and while an unlikely occurance there is a real possibility of being poisoned or constricted by a snake. Some people have really bizarre phobias like long words (which rather sadistically is named hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia , I wonder if was named by the same guy who put an ‘s’ in lisp), but they shouldn’t really be made figures of fun.

I first discovered I had a phobia of Snakes in primary school when the animal man paid a visit. Now ‘who or what is the animal man?’ I hear some of you cry, well being old as the Wheeled One likes to say and growing up in the 1980s and 90s I am of the generation when schools would have extra curricular visitations from sauces, one of whom would be a man who would bring a variety of “exotic animals” for pupils to see and get crapped on by. A snake of some variety was in the menagerie one year and I was off to the back of the hall quicker than a Whippet with a bum full of dynamite. Being a keen observer of human behaviour the Animal Man decided I clearly wanted a personalised encounter with the creature and I being a bright pupil realised that he clearly wanted a swift knee to the happysacks and I verbally informed him of my intent if he came any closer. I have a feeling that this did not down well with the Headmaster as from then on I was excused when the animal man came to visit.

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