The Memory Man #4

The flight to Michigan was a smooth flight and transfers were easy. Once I came through to the lounge I waited as the various people on the flight depart, I won’t deny I was ever so slightly concerned I’d been duped but after about 30 mins I saw Andrea and her mother arrive. My god, I’d seen photos of her but I didn’t realize how pretty Andrea was, we saw each other from each end of the airport ran to meet and hugged. It was like a scene from a bad movie I guess, we excitedly chatted and she introduced me to her mother, whom proves that Andrea will probably age very well. After the initial greeting were completed, Andrea’s mum drove on a tour of various points in Michigan. She took us to the grounds of the Detroit Tigers where Andrea and I had a photo taken under the statue of the Tiger, once this mini tour was done we were on our way to Rochester Hills, past the town and down to the Hertz where we were hiring a car. This was a last minute adjustment as until about five days before Andrea had a car and the plan was I’d pay for the fuel, but she phoned me almost in tears as her car had died and she couldn’t afford the repairs and that it’d ruin my visit as we wouldn’t be able to spend much time together. So I assured we’d reach a compromise and we hired a car on a thanksgiving offer which I’d pay for and she’d do the fuel. This was more complex then we initially realized as I had to pay for me as named driver and Andrea as co-driver…. not that I’m sure I couldn’t of got use to the American highway, automatic cars and driving on the wrong side of the road, but I guess my confidence wasn’t up to it, so Andrea did the driving. This lead to yet another amusing misidentification of nationality as the people their thought from my driving license I was German! Okay, Irish and Australian I will expect but German????? I guess this came from the EU logo on my license. The car was a rather wonderful little Chrysler which was ever so comfy, at first I felt a little odd being a passenger on the right but I got used to it. We visited her new house which was a historic place with a good old fashioned fireplace; here I met her two dogs; Pogo and Carmen. Pogo was a tiny little dog who was a little afraid of me at and first and barked at me constantly, much to Andrea’s amusement. Me and Andrea had a bit of a friendly cuddle (we had joked we needed to account for all those Cybdrhugs), and then went on to meet her mother at a restaurant for dinner; we were early and found ourselves a good table, I ordered a root beer and Andrea ordered herself a coke as we waited for Andrea’s mom and her new fella to arrive. I can’t recall what I had but I know I had a side order of Jacket Potato which was very salty, I regaled them with a few tales about being a barman (not all of them tall) until it was time for me and Andrea to depart. As a follow-up to the CD Andrea had done for me I’d rustled up a couple of CD’s of British and European Jazz and Blues for her and this became the soundtrack for our journey up to Mount Pleasant which where she was studying at college. We arrived and after a little confusion over license plates, she took me took her student digs. Sadly both of her room mates were on leave so I never met them but I was introduced to various people on her landing, all of whom had very interesting views of what England was like. Very much the idealized version you see in shows such as the Avengers and Midsomer Murders where we all stop for tea at five o’clock. I retired to a guest room as Andrea retired to her own and I nodded off listening to the second half of Something Inside…

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