FOWC: The Crazy Gang

The Goons, all four of them. L-R Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe, Spike Milligan, Michael Bentine

The Goon Show is considered a milestone in British comedy thanks to it’s zany and off the wall brand of humour. It was also one of the first radio comedies fully embrace the medium of radio whether it being setting up unfeasible locations and actions well beyond the limits of live studio bound TV, or just in the use of sound.

A curious bit of trivia though is that the first series didn’t go out under the title The Goon Show, because the BBC felt people wouldn’t recognise the term and instead they called it Crazy People featuring the Goons. As far as I am aware no recordings of the first series have survived meaning that we have lost much of Bentine’s contributions to the comedy legend. He was in the second series, which went out as The Goon Show, but little of that survives and he left the show before the third series started.

I think Crazy People was a bad choice of name, because if I ever come across a comedy with Crazy in the title it signals an alarm bell suggesting this show isn’t funny and it is a desperate attempt to flog it. Does anyone else have this alarm?

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Crazy

One thought on “FOWC: The Crazy Gang

  1. I only remember listening to the programme on the radio when iI was was very young on Sunday afternoon. My cockney mum never found it funny, but I loved it. I remember all the characters, although I think Sellers and Bentine had already moved on.

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