RDP: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers

What does pass for normal these days? People talk about things going back to normal, but what is normal? Surely once something becomes routine and everyday it becomes the new normal… So life under locked down is the new normal. Sorry to break it to you, this is normal life for us for the time being, what people should be asking is “when are things going to get like they used to be?” We’d all like to know that and there is no harm in asking even though I suspect most people asking already know the answer which is “no idea”, but I like to think the majority are asking because they want to have some idea of certainty when uncertainty is the new normal. I am of course not talking to the Trumpty-Dumpties demanding that everything open so they can get a haircut (you don’t want a haircut that badly because you’d be watching Youtube tutorials on how to do it or make do with a buzz cut… it isn’t like hair doesn’t grow back) or whatever, that is just selfishness and greed.

Yes, I am hoping that a variation on a pre-virus country will happen sooner rather then later and that the emerging people will err on the side of caution (I know I will be) but at the moment this is normal and normal is like infinity, there are no measurements in infinity and most certainly not temporal ones. We are currently driving through infinity and looking for the exit, but please keep your eyes on the road!


Ragtag Daily Prompt: Normal

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